Case Converter

Case Converter

Convert text into several cases like sentence case, lower case, upper case and capitalized case. This online, free and easy to use tool allows the text conversion to any case then copy and paste to your document. 

You can easily convert capitalized word into a lowecase by clicking on lower case. If the sentences are in lower  case, you can capitalized all letters in a sentence simply by clicking on uppercase. When we are writing an assignment or writing any content, we often face a problem that we forget to capitalize the first letter. So, this tool can ease your problem of capitalization by simply clicking on sentence case.  And if you want to do capitalize the first letter of each and every word in sentence, you can simply click on Capitalized Case. 


 Capitalized Case: Huma is a nice girl, after clicking on capitalized case, you will find result as Huma Is A Nice Girl. 


lower Case: huma is a nice  girl.

Sentence  Case:  Huma is a nice  girl. In this case only first letter and any proper nouns in senbtences can only be capitalized.


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