CPM Calculator

CPM Calculator

CPM Calculator

Based on the overall campaign budget and the number of impressions, the CPM Calculator is used to determine the CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions). Additionally, using the other two values in the calculator, you can get the total budget or the number of impressions.

Campain Detail

Cost overall of a campaign

Enter: to determine the cost of an internet campaign.

CPM:  (cost per 1,000 impressions)
 Number of impressions 

Cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM)

Total campaign expense
Number of impressions

Number of Impression

Enter: to determine the total number of impressions that your budget will allow.


To find the empty field, choose two of the available three options, then click "Calculate."

CPM Formula

CPM = (Cost to the Advertiser / Number of Impressions) x 1000

In different way;

Cost to the Advertiser = CPM x (Impressions/1000)


Consider the following scenario: An advertiser agrees to pay $50 for specific ad campaigns, and those campaigns receive 50,000 impressions.

The price per thousand impressions will then be calculated as (50/50000) x 1000 = $1.

As a result, the advertiser agrees to a $1 CPM.

Our Online CPM calculator allows you to calculate CPM without using any formula, as shown in below figure, by simply filling the fields of campaingn cost and Ad impressions, you can calculate CPM. It saves your time.  



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