Frequency Converter

Frequency Converter


The quantity of waves that pass a fixed location in a predetermined period of time is known as frequency. Therefore, if a wave passes through in half a second, the frequency is 2 per second. The frequency is 100 times per hour if it takes 1/100 of an hour.

Numerous factors, including frequency, amplitude, and speed, describe a wave. Any specific wave in wave mechanics includes variables such as frequency, time period, wavelength, amplitude, and more. We may comprehend and learn more about frequency, radio waves and angular frequency. 

Hertz (Hz), which stands for cycles or wave crests per second, is the unit of measurement for frequencies. The frequency can be expressed symbolically, numerically, or as an exponent.

  • The hertz is the frequency unit derived from the SI.
  • 1000 millihertz make up one hertz.
Symbol Number Exponent
1 Hz (hertz) 1 Hz 1 Hz
1 kHz (kilohertz) 1000 Hz 1*103 Hz
1 MHz (megahertz) 1,000,000 Hz 1*106 Hz
1 GHz (gigahertz) 1,000,000,000 Hz 1*109 Hz


What are Radio waves?

Radio waves are a part of the larger category of waves known collectively as electromagnetic radiation. Based on the frequencies and wavelengths of this broad group of waves, smaller groups are formed. Other than radio waves, two examples of electromagnetic radiation include:

  • X-rays, a type of electromagnetic radiation with a higher frequency than light, are used by doctors to view the inside of you.
  • Light is the group of electromagnetic radiation you can see with your eyes.

Angular Frequency

Angular displacement per unit of time is measured by radial or circular frequency. Therefore, it has degrees (or radians) per second as its units

An important calculation for an item in periodic motion is the angular frequency. A ball on a rope, for instance, may be spun in a circle and the speed at which it completes a full 360° would be measured.

One millisecond corresponds to one thousand hertz of frequency. The ratio of period to frequency is 1 Hz = 1 / 0.001 cpms.

Convert Hertz to Millihertz or from One Unit to Another

Using our Online Frequency Converter, You can easily convert hertz or any frequency unit to another units of frequency (Millihertz, kilohertz, megahertz, gigahertz, terahertz, rotation per minute, degree per second, radian per second). 


Frequency Formula

Depending on the quantities known, various frequency formulas exist to calculate frequency. The terms frequency (f), time period (T), wave speed (V), and wavelength (λ) are all found using the formula for the frequency of a wave. One cycle per second is denoted by one Hertz.

f = 1/T 

Where T is the cycle's duration in seconds and f is the frequency in hertz measured in m/s.

f = ๐œˆ/λ

where,  ๐œˆ is the wave speed and λ is the wavelength of the wave




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