Parts Per Converter

Parts Per Converter

Parts Per Converter 

This converter computes the measured value from [ppm] into parts per billion, parts per trillion and parts per quadrillion and vice versa. Several branches use the ppm unit in various ways. 

Volume (or mole)-based Parts per Million in Air

Parts per million by volume or by mole are always meant when a gas is referred to as ppm in literature on air pollution. These are the same for an ideal gas and nearly so for the majority of gases relevant to air pollution at 1 atm. This value can also be expressed using ppmv.

The amount of units of mass of a contaminant per 1000 million units of total mass is known as parts per billion (ppb).

What distinguishes ppm from ppb?

In atmospheric chemistry, PPM and PPB units are used to express the concentration of gases. PPB stands for parts per billion, while PPM stands for parts of gas per million parts of air.

If you have trouble picturing that, try these examples:

ppm: Parts per million

One second in less than two weeks.
One litre of water in a pool.

ppb: Parts per billion

32 years in 1 second.
1 cc of water—roughly the size of a sugar cube—in a swimming pool.

ppt: Parts per trillion

A newspaper's size is equivalent to all of New Zealand, and 15 cents is equivalent to the entire New Zealand economy.
In order to investigate how these levels are changing over time, you need to conduct very sensitive measurements, which is why gases are tested at these levels. A small amount of some gases can have a very great influence.


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