Percentage Calculator

Percentage Calculator

This Percentage Calculator free online tool lets you to calculate percentage of x is y easily. Finding percentages in various forms is made easier with the help of our online tool. Any of them can be chosen based on your preferences

What is Percentage %

The word ‘per cent’ means ‘per hundred’ or for 'every hundred' or 'out of one hundred' . In mathematics, Percentages are used like fractions and decimals, as ways to describe parts of a whole. lets understand the term percentage with an example. for example, a circle is divided into 100 small circles of equal dimensions. out of 100 small circles, 40 are blue in color. we can say that 40 out of 100 or forty per cent of the circles are blue. forty per cent is written symbolically as 40%.

40% = 40/100 or 40 hundredths


  • 10% is equal to 1/10 fraction
  • 50% is equal t to ½ fraction
  • 90% is equal to 9/10 fraction

Percentages can also be expressed in terms of decimals such as 0.2%, 0.5%. 0.8

Percentage Formula

We can understand to calculate percentage by using a formula

% = (value/total value) 100

For example, a student got 828 marks out of 1000, then you can calculate percentage by using above formula

(828/1000) 100 = 82.8%

Percentage of a Number

To calculate the percentage of a number, we need to use a different formula such as:

A% of Number = B

where B is the required percentage.

Example: Calculate 20% of 80.

Let 20% of 80 = B

20/100 multiply by 80 = B

B = 4

Calculate Percentage of Number by using Percentage Calculator

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  • When you arrive at the page, enter the values to start the procedure.
  • Once the values have been entered, select "Calculate" from the menu.
  • That's it. Within a few seconds, you will receive correct computation results.

How to Calculate Percentage Difference?

Formula that is used for calculating the Percentage Difference is mentioned below.

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For-example, What is percentage difference between 8 and 4

simply, consider V1 = 8 and V2 = 4, then put values in above mentioned formula

 = 66.66% difference

Percent Change Formula

You can understand the percentage change method by following this simple example.

360 increased by 10%  (0.1)

360 × (1 + 0.1) = 396

360 decreased by 10% (0.1)

360 × (1 – 0.1) = 324

Percentage Increase Formula

The difference between the end value and the start value is the percent increase between two values in mathematics. A percentage of the first value is always used to show percentage increases.

Step 1: Find the difference of the values by subtracting the starting value from the final value.

Step 2: Divide the difference by the starting number.

Step 3: Multiply by 100

Final Answer

For instance, if you were to compute the percentage increase between $60 at the beginning of the week and $90 at the end of the week, the final value would be 90, and the starting number would be 60.

90-60 = 30

30/60 = 0.50    (Always express your answer as a decimal)

0.50 multiplied by  100 = 50% Increase

Why Percentage Calculator is Important ?

The easiest tool you'll find online to calculate percentages is our % calculator. The following are our online percent calculator's key benefits:

Financial reports

Preparing financial reports is a huge task as it involves many calculations. A financial report's percentages are an integral ingredient, and you can find percentages with our online calculator.

Study goals

If you are a student, you must be aware of the significance of percentages in mathematics. By conducting all the calculations and offering you with exact answers quickly, our online tool aids you in accomplishing your percentage-related assignments.

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