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PNG to JPG Converter 

The PNG format is an incredibly powerful graphic file solution that is most often used on websites to display and store high quality digital images. It is designed to outperform GIF files and offers not just lossless compression, but also a bold and vibrant color palette. With a PNG to JPEG converter, users can easily transform a PNG into a different format without losing any quality in the image. This makes it possible to keep the same image without having any impact on the quality, while also giving the user more flexibility with the types of files they can be used. Ultimately, PNG files offer the perfect combination of high-resolution images with a significant range of colors, with the added convenience of an effortless conversion process.

JPG is a versatile digital image format widely used for sharing photos and other images across the internet and between Mobile and PC users. This format offers flexible and efficient compression that, in most cases, results in file sizes that are 10 times smaller than their original. Despite its ability to compress image data, JPG still preserves important image details, so that the original quality of the original image is not greatly affected. With a reliable online PNG to JPG converter, it's easy to convert any image to the JPG format, making it even more accessible and suitable for sharing.

This is a free, online tool that makes easier for you to convert PNG images into JPG or JPEG format.  Size of JPG images is small than PNG, so, these images are great for  blog or social media posts. Easily convert your images to JPG by using this tool.

  • Click the UPLOAD FILES button and select any image in PNG format of maximum 5mb size. You can also drag files to the drop area to start uploading.

  • Within a second your file will be uploaded and then click on Convert button.

  • Your file will be converted into JPG format immediately.
  • Now you can download your image in JPG format.

What is difference between PNG and JPG?

PNG is an abbreviation of Portable Network Graphics. The image quality of PNG was the same before and after the compression.

JPG  is an abbreviation of  Joint Photographic Experts Group. Quality of these images is lower than that of the PNG files which is a great difference  between both of them. 

But lower quality is not a bad thing. 




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