Reactive Power Converter

Reactive Power Converter

Reactive Power Converter

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What is Reactive Power?

Reactive power in electrical grid systems is the power that, in an alternating current scenario, flows back from a destination toward the grid.

The path of energy is "one way" in a direct current system because the voltage and load are static, while there are different phases in an alternating current system because of system components like capacitors and inductors.

During the passive phases, reactive power keeps energy flowing back into the grid. Phantom power is another name for reactive power.

Three Types of Power

One of the three types of power found in loaded circuits is reactive power.

Real power
The actual power being dissipated by the circuit in watts

Reactive power
the reactive power measured in volt-amperes that is dissipated by inductive and capacitive loads (VAR)

Apparent power
the voltage-ampere unit of combined reactive and true power (VA)

Because it is unclear where reactive power goes, it is often known as "phantom power." Reactive loads, such as capacitors and inductors, are known to draw current and drop voltage despite the fact that electricity is not utilised to power them. This is shown by monitoring the voltage and current around these devices.

Engineers have looked for solutions to reduce the power squandered by this voltage drop and current draw because it is waste energy or heat rather than actual effort. Due to this phantom power, conductors and generators must be rated and sized appropriately to transport both the useful current as well as the waste current, not only the useful current.

Difference between Real power and Reactive power

There is no VAr in DC circuits since real power is equal to reactive power. There is only Real Power. Due to current and voltage having a zero phase angle  (Φ), reactive power does not exist in DC circuits. To generate heat and use the electric and magnetic fields produced by reactive power, real power is necessary.



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