Speed Converter

Speed Converter


The speed at which an object's position changes in any direction. The distance travelled in relation to the time it took to travel that distance is how speed is measured.

Since speed simply has a direction and no magnitude, it is a scalar quantity.


v = d/t,

where, v is speed, d is distance and t is time. 

Units of Speed

SI unit of speed is metre per second. The unit of speed used in daily life is the kilometre per hour, or miles per hour in nations like the United States and the United Kingdom.

Average Speed

The ratio of an object's total distance travelled to its entire time travelled is known as average speed.

Uniform Speed

An object is considered to be moving at a uniform speed when it travels the same distance in the same amount of time.

Instantaneous Speed

Instantaneous speed is the speed of an object when it is moving at any given moment and has a changing speed.

Speed Converter

Use this speed converter to quickly convert between speed units, including metre per second, foot per second, foot per minute, foot per hour kilometres per hour, knots, and miles per hour.

To use the tool, you have to follow only a few easy steps:

Step 1: First of all, visit Freepion Speed Converter tool

Step 2: Enter the value of speed in the box

Step 3: Select the unit you’re converting from

Step 4: The correct conversion value is automatically reflected as results 

Difference between velocity and speed

velocity describes both how fast and in which direction an object is travelling, while speed merely indicates how rapidly an object is moving.  A car's speed has been mentioned if it is stated to be 60 km/h. But now that the car's speed has been stated, it is claimed to be travelling at 60 km/h to the north.

When considering movement around a circle, the significant difference can be seen. The average speed of an object travelling in a circle and returning to its starting point is equal to zero, but the average speed is calculated by dividing the circle's radius by the time required to complete the circle. This is so that the average speed only takes into account the total distance travelled, whereas the average velocity only takes into account the displacement between the beginning and ending sites.


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