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All we know that Optimization of Slug is important for better SEO. But What is this slug?

Slug is actually a part of URL that describes the page's  content and exactly identified the specific page the URL points to.  Good slug can positively improve your SEO. Slug is actually a last part of the URL after backslash. e.g., https://freepion.com/en/frequency-converter, in this url the last part frequency-converter is slug. 

I hpe you have now get better understanding about Slug URL.

Why is need to convert text into Slug?

Text is any kind of written thing that you can easily read and create. It can be letters, words, symbols, sentences, paragraphs, punctuation marks or any typed thing using keyboard.

Converting text into a slug is process of taking a piece of text and removing all the spaces and other characters from it to make suitable for using in URL.  Slug is a very easy  and concise version of text that can be easily readable by URL and also helps to boost SEO.  For-example, you have  written a blog post on topic ; '' How can we  convert text into slug?'' , you could convert this string of text into slug like how-can-we-convert-text-into-slug?  URL can easily read this slug and help in optimization of your post. 

Examples of Text to Slug Converter

Blog Titles   URL slugs
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Text to Slug Converter

This  is an online, free and easy to use tool for converting text into readable slugs than can positively affect your SEO. For using this tool, you have to follow only two simple steps;

  • Paste or enter text into the empty field.
  • Then, click on convert button below the field.

This tool will convert your text into readable slug that you can easily copText to slug convertery and use. 

Advantages of Text to Slug Converter Tool

SEO friendly- The first and most important benefit of this converter is that it can  enhance or improve your SEO.  When you convert the text  into slug, you  can use important keywords in URL that will  make your content  easy to understandable by  search engines.  

Less time consuming-  This converter  can save your  time  by  automating the process of converting text to slugs. This tool is most importantly helpful for websites that  contain large number of pages and for content creators who need to convert many text into slugs on daily  basis. 

Consistency or regularity-  This converter help to manage and organized URLs of websites.  Also help to maintain consistency of slugs used on websites. 


Frequently  Asked Questions about Text to Slugs Converter

Q.1. What is a Slug?

Slug is the end or last part of URL that can positively improve your websites's SEO. It  describes the content  of page and helps in identification of  exact specific page that URL points to. 

Q.2. What is a Text to SLug Converter  tools?

This online and free to use tool convert the piece of string into slug for use in a website. 

Q.3. How does Text to Slug Converter tool work?

You have to enter simply any text or tilte into the empty field. Then, click on convert button and it will generate the slug. 

Q.4. Is there any limitation to using a text to slug converter tool?
No, there is no any limitation. 


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