What is TSV to JSON Converter?

The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format is used by this utility to convert Tab Separated Values (TSV) files into data structures. Each hash in the array of hashes that makes up the output JSON contains a row of TSV data. The TSV data's first row is used for column headings. The first row's values serve as the JSON hash keys, while that row's TSV values serve as the JSON hash values. You can produce compressed JSON or modify the indentation of the JSON to spaces or tabs. You will be able to choose from a number of JSON output types, including an array of arrays and an array of objects, in the near future.

How to use TSV to JSON Converter?

  1. Paste your TSV input into theinput box and click on convert.
  2. it will automatically convert it into JSON.
  3. The JSON output is the box below to input box
  4. If there are any errors in the TSV and the converter isn't able to do the conversion, the error message will appear on top in red color letting you know that the error was found in the TSV.

Following conversion, you can use the JSON object for your project or another endeavour.

Your TSV documents can be converted from any location, using any computer or even a mobile device. The TSV converter is always accessible online and cost-free.



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