Weight Converter

Weight Converter

What is Weight?

It measures how much gravity is acting on a body. All things close to Earth are constantly subject to the force known as weight. All items are pulled downward toward the Earth's centre by the gravity of the planet.

Formula,  w= mg

Weight being a force,  the SI unit of weight is the Newton, which is also the same as the SI unit of force (N). When we look at how weight is expressed, we can see that it depends on both mass and the acceleration caused by gravity; while the mass may not change, the acceleration caused by gravity does.


Weight is a crucial concept in science and engineering. It is the force acting on an object due to gravity or acceleration. Weight is commonly perceived as a vector quantity, representing the absolute magnitude of the gravitational force. However, it may also be defined as a scalar quantity, specifically the magnitude of the reaction force that counteracts the effects of gravity. In a weightless state, such as free fall, the force of weight is zero. The unit of measurement for weight is the newton, and an object with a mass of one kilogram will have a weight of approximately 9.8 newtons on the surface of the Earth and one-sixth of that on the Moon. Weight and mass are often confused and conflated in everyday usage, and a host of concepts surrounding weight exist in modern teaching. Debate and exploration exist in the scientific community as they try to better explain, understand, and define this important concept.

Difference between Weight and Mass



Mass cannot be zero

Weight can be zero. In the absence of gravity, an object has no weight, just like in space.

A scalar quantity is mass

A vector quantity is weight

Common units of mass measurement are kilogrammes and grammes.

Newtons are a typical unit of weight measurement.

No location-dependent change occurs in mass.

Weight varies geographically.

An everyday balance can be used to determine the mass.

A spring balance is used to calculate weight.

Mass only has magnitude

weight has magnitude and direction



A state of free fall known as weightlessness occurs when the inertial force created by orbital flight or other scenarios that negate gravity completely. It is felt since there is no longer a sense of weight. When no forces from touch are acting on the bodies, it occurs (human body).

Weight Converter

The greatest tool for converting between different weight units is this weight converter.

Weight Unit Conversions

The greatest tool for converting between different weight units is this weight converter.

Weight Unit Conversions

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