Word Counter

Word Counter

Counting the number of words in your document or any file of text is called word count

Word Counter

For counting the words, just copy your document  in the text box and click on ''Count''. The results will be appeared on top of the box. 

This tool not only tells you about the word count but also about the number of paragraphs, characters and character with spaces. 

Why should we use word counter?

If you are wondering why should you use word counter tool online? Simply try to count the words or characters of your document, before you reach line # 6, you will feel frustrating. Who wants to waste precious time in counting words and characters, so try to use this tool online. This tool will give your results in an eye blink. 

This tool not only tells you about the word counts but also tells about the number of paragraphs present in your document.

Importance of Word Count

You can understand the example of words count importance by an example. For example, when you write a novel which is very long and you don't know about the number of words of your novel. Many readers are distracting because of the long lonvel. Word counter helps you to keep your text in suitable words limit that is also attractive for readers. 

Universities, colleges and schools give assignments to students and teachers also specified the word count limit. Like, the assignment should be 5,000 words long. So, this tool makes easy this task for students, they can easily count the words of their assignments.

How can word counter help in SEO? 

Word counter tells you about the length of your article or any content that you are writing on your website. Usually the more content helps google to understnad easily your website's content. Length of content helps the search engine to rank your website. Google generally favor longer content instead of shorter. 

Why Google Favor Long Content for Higher Rank?

Although Google has confirmed that word counting or number of words does not affect the ranking of page. John Mueller, which is a  company’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, said; “Just blindly adding text to a page doesn’t make it better.”But still you find many articles that suugest about the longer content for higher ranking.

Some following points can be the reason of  higher ranking obtained indirectly by word counter tool. 

First is that longer content help the Google's algorithm to properly analyse and in understanding the page is about. 

 Longer and comprehnsive content show that you have full command on that topic which is also a main reason of ranking. 

Usually when you write long content, you use more headings,links, insert images and add lot of information about chosen topic.  Indirectly, longer content allows you to present information with quality.


So, the conclusion is that although longer content can help in ranking but you should never compromise the quality of content. Write longer, well structured content full of qaulity only when necessary.


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