YouTube Tag Extractor

YouTube Tag Extractor

YouTube Tags

YouTube tags are the meta tags wich are hidden and are not visible to the viewers. These tags pla important role in YouTube video ranking. most of the publishers use tags in their videos and search engine use these tags to rank videos. YouTube video tags can be a way to channel/videos success on youTube. These tags are different from hashtags. So, please don't confuse with hashtags and video tags or meta tags. Hashtags are visible to everyone in the video description but YouTube hide video tags. Although these tags are hidden but you can use various method or techniques to check tags of any video.

About the YouTube Tag Extractor tool

As you have learned about YouTube video tags. Now, question is how you can get these tags and use in your own videos. To check and extract these video tags from your competitors videos, you will need YouTube tag extractor tool by FreePion. Our YouTube tag extractor which was developed using YouTube official APIs if simple to use. 

This tool will extract all the video tags from your provided video URL and organize them into a list. You can then copy these tags and use in your video.

How to use FreePion Youtube Tag Extractor Tool?

To use youtube tag extractor tool you just need to open the tool's page. it must look like the page you are currently present. the paste video URL in tools box and click extract button. after that you can copy the video tags instantly.  These are the step-by-step instructions for using the tool:

  1. Copy the YouTube video that you want to extract tags from it.
  2. Go to
  3. Paste the URL inside the toolbox and click Extract.
  4. Click on the tags or keywords you want to copy. The clicked tags or keywords will be added into the list.
  5. Now click on the copy button to copy the tags/keywords present in the list.

youtube tag extractor tool

What are The Benefits of the YouTube Tags?

YouTube video tags describe your video to the search engine or YouTube. Thus act as guiding and in this guideline YouTube will rank your video. YouTube algorithm use these tags to categorize your video. Thus these tags directly work with YouTube algorithm and algorithm work to provide better videos to the YouTube users.

By reading the above statement you have got understanding about the importance of video tags. In this scenario YouTube video tags extractor by FreePion also got importance. As tags are the language of YouTube algorithm. You must use Our YouTube tag extractor tool to extract performing tags from your competitors videos.


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