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Numerous factors contribute to a website's position regarding search engine optimization or SEO. The most prevalent and important factors are on-page SEO, backlinks, and keyword density. However, another element that could affect a website's ranking that is frequently disregarded by SEOs and webmasters: is the Domain Age. Domain with the period of time develops confidence with search engines. 

A domain's exact age may be determined using our free Domain Age Checker Whois tool from the moment it was registered to the present. One of the key elements that search engines analyse when determining a website's rating is the age of the domain. As a result, it is crucial to monitor the age of the server that hosts your website. You may use a domain age checker to determine the age of the domains you intend to purchase and those of your competitors. Older domains are more likely to improve their search engine rating. It is considerably easier to determine the specific time period for the age of a certain domain when using tools like bulk domain name checking, bulk domain authority checker, and domain age checker. Our free Domain Age Checker Whois is simple to find on the internet. This tool doesn't need to be installed, registered, or signed up for. This tool may be used to determine a website's estimated age. Now, use our free domain age checker whois tool.

What is domain age?

The phrase "Domain Age" simply refers to the duration of a domain name's existence. It relates to a domain name's age.

A domain name will be 20 years old by 2020, for instance, if registered in 2000.

What exactly is a domain name? It is a website's URL, similar to Specifically, this is the URL that website visitors can use to reach yours.

How to use domain age checker Whois by FreePion

  1. The use of FreePion's domain age checker is very straightforward. Just open the tool's page as you have done. 
  2. Enter your desired domain name (without https://) and hit the check button. 
  3. Our domain age checker tool will instantly show the results. 


Why should Domain age be checked?

For various reasons, you could be interested in the age of a domain name. Among them are the following:

  1. The domain name is frequently registered at the same time a firm begins operating, making it possible to determine how old it is.
  2. If a domain has been registered recently, they might not have had time to establish a reputation when determining the brand's trustworthiness.
  3. Due to their longevity, older domains may offer SEO advantages.
  4. Checking trademark claims using the domain's registration date.
  5. And a tonne more!

In details

  1. You gain knowledge about the domain name's backlink profile size. An older domain name is likely to have more links pointing to it. Why? Since it has been there for a while and could have picked up some links along the way. The owner may have worked hard to create high-quality backlinks, and search engines take both the amount and quality of backlinks into account when determining how to rank a website. Future owners may greatly benefit from the SEO effort done in the past by the prior owner to build a strong link profile.
  2. You can see how effectively the domain performs in search engine results. As was already said, there is a good probability that a long-running domain name (with a strong backlink profile) would do well in search. In reality, most SEOs think that domain age is one of Google's ranking factors. You may save time, money, and SEO work if a website has a high search engine rating. You may also get a sense of how well a name may perform in searches by looking at how old it is.
  3. You gain knowledge on the amount of traffic you may anticipate. A domain that has been around for a while and is well-known will receive a good quantity of traffic. A domain name that has been around for a long time will still "naturally" perform better than new ones in terms of organic or direct traffic, even though other factors impact how much traffic a website receives, such as providing regular content.
  4. You acquire knowledge of the reputation of the domain name. Purchasing a brand-new domain name demands beginning again to establish a solid reputation. However, enduring domain names may already have a solid reputation in their industry. Because the name has been around for a while and is well-known, users have already come to trust it. By looking at the domain age, you can determine how long it has been there.
  5. You gain knowledge of the potential badness of the domain name. With the aforementioned four considerations in mind, you could begin to believe that all long-standing domain names are fair and wonderful. Please do not misunderstand; they are not all flawless. Once you have established that a domain name has been there for a while, you may attempt to determine whether it has any bad associations and, if so, how long ago. For instance, the prior owner could have tried to obtain some search engine benefits by using black hat SEO practices. Some current domain names also have the issue of having a negative user reputation. The website may have been banned by certain users or marked as spam. 

About all of these, our domain age checker whois tool is a great compliment!


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