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What is Open Graph Meta Tags?

Open Graph Meta Tags: A Guide to Increasing Visibility and Generating More Clicks

Open Graph meta tags, commonly referred to as OG tags, are a great tool to help boost a website's traffic and visibility online. OG tags are HTML markup tags added to a page's underlying source code that allow customisation of how a page is presented when shared on various social networks. This makes it easy to manage the preview image, title and page description when someone shares a link to a page.

Open Graph Generator tools make it easy to generate OG tags. Signing up for an account with freepion is a great way to access some of the best SEO and digital marketing tools out there for free. The dashboard offers an automated way to generate OG tags for a page, by simply entering the desired title, description and a preview image URL. This can be incredibly beneficial for online marketing campaigns, increasing clicks and shares for better website visibility.

On the other hand, OG tags are important for improving the usability and overall user experience of a website. Allowing a publisher to control what information is displayed when a link is shared on a certain platform, greatly enhances the user experience when using the website. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn use this data, and display the content according to the OG tags supplied by the publisher.

Any page posted on social media always has to have a few fundamental open graph tags. Why?

  • The use of Open Graph (OG) tags is an important tool for digital marketers and SEO strategists to increase visibility and likelihood of people clicking on and sharing content on social media platforms. The OG tags are simple pieces of code that are added to the of a web page and allow for a better understanding of the page's content and more targeted audience reach.

    OG tags are an easy and free way to increase the visibility and relevance of photos, content and links. With the help of the Open Graph Generator tool from FreePion, digital marketers and SEO professionals can easily insert the OG tags into their content and reap the benefits of increased visibility, higher click-through rates, and potential shares.

    With pertinent OG tags embedded in the content, readers are able to get a better sense of the topic of the page and are much more likely to click on it. The tags allowed for the utilization of more comprehensive images and data, thereby optimizing the display of photos with adequate resolution and content summary vital to making the article more appealing and sharable.

    In summary, the use of OG tags is a simple and free way of helping digital marketers and SEO specialists improve their content's likelihood of being shared, clicked on, and generating higher audience reach. With the help of FreePion's Open Graph Generator tool, creating and implementing OG tags has never been easier. Utilizing OG tags is an integral part of any digital marketer's and SEO strategist's toolkit and can create the potential for more engaged audiences.

OG Tag Generator Guide

OG Tag Generator Guide: The Definitive Guide To Using The Free Open Graph Generator
Do you want to optimize your posts and pages for social media sharing? If yes, an Open Graph Generator (OGG) is what you need. It is a free digital tool designed to help you in creating special tags which are used to define how your content looks to the outside world when shared on social media.

Freepion has created a cutting-edge automated OGG generator that helps you to create the best and perfect Open Graph protocols for boosting your web pages’ visibility and engagement. In this guide, we will uncover everything about this unique Open Graph Generator and how to use it for effective SEO and digital marketing strategies.

An Open Graph Generator works by generating Open Graph tags to the HTML coding of the pages you are sharing. Open Graph tags are pieces of code that make sure that the correct visual and text information are displayed when a web page is shared on social media platforms.

When you use Open Graph tags, the previews of the contents that you are sharing on social media will read well and look professional. All you have to do is to provide the title, type, and URL of the page you wish to share, and the OGG will take care of the rest.

When it comes to SEO and digital marketing, Open Graph tags are crucial. If you want higher search engine visibility for your website, Open Graph Generator offers the best way to get that. And with Freepion’s OGG, you don’t need any technical knowledge to generate Open Graph tags for your web page - the generator does it all for you.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an effective way to boost your web page’s visibility and engagement on social media, Open Graph Generator is the best option. Freepion offers a free Open Graph Generator that helps you to create Open Graph tags with ease and without coding knowledge. With Open Graph tags in place, you can ensure that your web page content is shared on social media platforms in the best and most professional way possible.

Open graph generator

You now know how to increase the traffic to your website by adding it as an item to Facebook and other social media platforms. Here is a quick method for producing the necessary open graph meta tags. HTML doesn't require coding, nor do you need to keep track of the order in which the tags should be created. All you have to do is take advantage of an extremely useful open graphs meta tags tool.

Find the "open graph generator" symbol on using your search engine browser, then click it. You may also immediately access the open graph generator display by pasting into the URL bar of your search browser.

To create the Facebook open graph meta tags, fill in the necessary data below. Put the name of the item you wish to create in the title field. Choose the sort of information that is on your website from the drop-down menu under "type." Enter the number of photographs if you wish to use any. Enter the site name now, followed by a succinct description. The URLs of the photos you wish to display in the Facebook object, and the site URL should be entered.

The HTML code for the open graph tags will be created when all the necessary fields have been filled in. The HTML code must now be copied and pasted into the header area of your website's HTML code. Once you've done so, Facebook will display the object from your website. Please share it with your social media contacts to see your website traffic increase.

Using this useful tool from, you may modify the open graph tags whenever you wish.


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