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What is Open Graph Meta Tags?

"OG tags" are meta> tags added to a website's HTML markup that allows you to customize how a page is presented when shared on social media networks, eventually assisting in generating clicks on your content. This makes managing anything from the preview picture to the page description simple.
Any page posted on social media always has to have a few fundamental open graph tags. Why?

  • OG tags increase users' likelihood to click on and share social media material.
  • They aid in the social platform's understanding of your content's topic and ensure that the appropriate audiences view it.
  • They make it easier for readers to grasp the subject matter of your material, increasing the likelihood that readers will click on it.
  • They improve the function, relevance, and size of your photos while also boosting visibility and possible click-through rates.
  • Without employing OG Tags, the social media platform's algorithm will choose how your post will display.

OG Tag Generator Guide

The title of the page as you’d like to be displayed on the social media platform.

This is how you describe the kind of content/object you’re sharing, i.e. blog post, article, video, picture, book, company etc. If you don’t specify a type, the default is often “website”. See this reference for a full list of object types.

the web page's address (i.e., the page that all your shares will link to). This must be the page's plain URL without extra utm arguments.

The URL for the page image is used as a preview when the page is shared.
Note: This image must be hosted outside (Google Drive is free).

Open graph generator

You now know how to increase the traffic to your website by adding it as an item to Facebook and other social media platforms. Here is a quick method for producing the necessary open graph meta tags. HTML doesn't require coding, nor do you need to keep track of the order in which the tags should be created. All you have to do is take advantage of an extremely useful open graphs meta tags tool.

Find the "open graph generator" symbol on using your search engine browser, then click it. You may also immediately access the open graph generator display by pasting into the URL bar of your search browser.

To create the Facebook open graph meta tags, fill in the necessary data below. Put the name of the item you wish to create in the title field. Choose the sort of information that is on your website from the drop-down menu under "type." Enter the number of photographs if you wish to use any. Enter the site name now, followed by a succinct description. The URLs of the photos you wish to display in the Facebook object, and the site URL should be entered.

The HTML code for the open graph tags will be created when all the necessary fields have been filled in. The HTML code must now be copied and pasted into the header area of your website's HTML code. Once you've done so, Facebook will display the object from your website. Please share it with your social media contacts to see your website traffic increase.

Using this useful tool from, you may modify the open graph tags whenever you wish.


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