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About Robot.Txt

A file called robots.txt may be added to the root folder of your website to improve how search engines index it. Search engines like Google use website crawlers, or robots, to examine all the material on your website. You might not want some areas of your website, such as the admin page, to be indexed so that they can appear in user search results. You can explicitly disregard certain pages by adding them to the file. Robots.txt files use the Robots Exclusion Protocol. You may quickly create the file using this website by entering the pages you want to exclude.

How to use the robot.txt file generator tool

Our tool is very easy. You just need to choose which search engine you want to allow and which path to index or not index. Also, you can add your site sitemape.xml file. And then click on generate button.

Purpose of files in robot.txt file

You must be aware of the file's guidelines if you are manually generating the document. Once you understand how they operate, you can change the file afterwards.

  • Crawl-delay: This directive is designed to prevent crawlers from overtaxing the host; if the server receives too many requests, the user experience will suffer. Different search engine bots, including those from Bing, Google, and Yandex, use the crawl-delay directive differently. For Yandex, it's a delay between visits; for Bing, it's more like a window of time during which the bot will only visit the site once; and for Google, you may utilise the search panel to manage the visits of the bots.
  • Allowing: The following URL can be indexed thanks to the Allowing directive. You can add as many URLs as you like, particularly if it is a shopping website, as your list may grow significantly. However, only use the robots file if there are pages on your site that you don't want to be crawled.
  • Disallowing: A Robots file's main function is to prevent crawlers from accessing the URLs mentioned above, folders, etc. Other bots, however, access these folders and must scan them for malware because they don't adhere to the norm.

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