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About the URL rewriting tool

You may rewrite dynamic URLs with the aid of FreePion. It has a user-friendly interface and is rather versatile. Our programme for rewriting dynamic URLs uses Apache's mod rewrite module to convert lengthy, complex dynamic URLs into static HTML URLs optimised for search engines.

You are mistaken if you think creating a successful website would be enough to finish the task. A website has to pay attention to even the smallest details, and the URL is more important than everything else. Your URL may be excessively lengthy and not user-friendly. To address these issues, FreePion has developed an excellent URL rewriting tool that helps remove dynamic URLs. With the help of our fantastic tool, you can create short, accessible URLs. There are three main reasons why a dynamic URL could become static.

Static URLs first perform higher in search engine rankings. Additionally, static URLs help your site load more quickly than dynamic URLs. Thirdly, it includes a user-friendly interface. So, rewrite your dynamic URLs with the help of our excellent URL rewriting tool and profit. Static URLs are more visible to users for the above reasons and others. Our fantastic rewriting tool uses Apache's mod rewrite element to convert dynamic URLs into static URLs that are optimised for search engines. Simply copy/paste your dynamic URL into the abovementioned text, and our programme will convert it into a static URL in a matter of minutes. Cheers to conversion!

Why do you need to Rewrite URLs?

  • Static URLs are much easier to remember and user-friendly.
  • Static URLs are easier to bookmark or index as compared to dynamic URLs
  • Static URLs can help in getting a good page ranking in different search engines

To do this, you must create a file named ".htaccess" and place the produced code inside it. Once the .htacess file has been created, copy it into the directory for your website. Such URL rewriting is only compatible with Apache Server hosting.

Major search engines can differentiate folder names and create connections to keywords if your URLs are clear and straightforward (also known as static URLs). Because if you continue to employ query string limitations, it can make it more difficult for search engines to index your web pages. According to most SEO professionals, dynamic URLs are not appealing to search engine spiders. However, static URLs are, and this is useful for obtaining a high page rank score.

How to use the URL rewrite tool?

All you need to do to use this URL Rewriting tool to shorten a lengthy dynamic URL is to input it in the correct field and click the "Rewrite" button. Our system will process your request, which will then provide the shortened, static URL.

url rewriting tool

Utilizing SEO tools, like this URL Rewriting tool, is crucial for many website owners and webmasters since it may help them immensely with promotion and audience outreach on a global scale. Using this URL rewriting tool, you may prepare your website for greater online visibility, allowing users from around the world to view and visit it.

If you run an e-commerce website, it's conceivable that more people can find your pages on search engines, which might increase traffic and possibly increase transactions.

Our rewriting tool is designed to convert dynamic URLs into user- and search-engine-friendly static URLs using Apache's mod rewrite module. Simply put your dynamic URL into the field, and our tool will quickly change it to a static one.

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