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What is my browser? Is this a question occasionally posed by internet users? They either recently joined the World Wide Web and are using a browser to access the internet for the first time, or they are completely unaware of it.

Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari are the most widely used browsers worldwide. Apple customers also use Safari. The most popular browser right now is Google Chrome, and Google has taken the top spot in search engines and various other online apps.

Internet users occasionally receive invitations to download a certain browser, but they are unsure if they want to. Making this your default browser is another instruction you receive while downloading a browser. The user must decide whether to do this or not.

Some user apps demand a specific browser from the user. For instance, let's say the company you work for has Firefox-compatible applications. To complete your work, you would need to download Firefox. A preinstalled web browser called Internet Explorer is included with operating systems like Microsoft Windows.

Internet Browser would be the first browser you would use to access the internet if you had just purchased a laptop or desktop and were installing Microsoft Windows. Most Windows users use Internet Explorer to download and instal their preferred browser, drivers, and initial anti-virus software. After that, despite having an icon on the "Start bar," they very much quit utilising it.


The majority of us typically only instal and use one browser. We use it because we are at ease with it, like doing so, and have done it for years. We are not at ease handing it up because we know its peculiarities and capabilities.

An alternative browser may significantly influence your online life if you desire improved security, the quicker browsing speed, customisable plug-ins, and other features. Among the most widely used browsers are these:

  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer.

How to use what is my browser

Our fantastic application has outperformed all other browser testing tools and apps with a user-friendly and intuitive layout. Simply go to the What is My Browser tool link at https://freepion.com/pro-seo-tools/en/what-is-my-browser/ to get crucial information about your browser. You will not need to wait any longer because results will be created automatically based on your visit. With its rapid approach, this practical tool can help you save a lot of time.

what is my browser

You'll be relieved that our programme is user-friendly for even total beginners if you're new to the internet. Your web browser's status will be immediately communicated, saving time spent determining its version, whether cookies or javascript are enabled, and allowing you to concentrate on solving the current issue. Even if you are aware of the name of your browser but not its version, understanding the latter is still highly beneficial. By becoming familiar with the version, you can determine whether or not you are using an updated version of the browser. 

The tool also shows the user string, which is essentially a string that the web browser sends to websites, and the operating system (OS) that the browser uses, such as Windows or Mac OS.

Utilizing a free online tool like What is my Browser can help keep your web browser up to date.

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