WordPress Theme Detector

About the WP theme detector

WordPress Theme Detector is a free tool that allows you to find all the details about the WordPress theme and plugins currently being used by a site.

Our WordPress Theme Detector is the tool you need if you want to know which WordPress theme a website is running. To determine precisely which WordPress theme a website is running, it automatically examines the source code of such websites.

Our WordPress theme detector is 100% accurate since it always displays the correct theme name, no matter what. The best part is that it is a totally free tool.

Using our WordPress Theme Detector, you can find out what theme a WordPress site is running. You'll also notice a convenient download or purchase link if it's a well-liked WordPress theme.

For instance, the most popular website, WPBeginner site uses the wpbeginner theme. Our tool will instantly detect them as shown below.


How to use WordPress theme detector?

With our WordPress theme detector, you can find the website's theme and the plugins a website uses. Follow these simple steps to check the theme of any WordPress site.

Step 1: Enter the URL in the specified box.

Step 2: Click the "Detect" button to initiate the procedure.

Step 3: The complete details about the WordPress theme and plugins will instantly be displayed on your screen.

How Important Are WordPress Themes?

One of the most popular CMSs for building and maintaining websites is WordPress. You may create and publish pages, articles, menus, media files, and other essential elements using WordPress' comprehensive content management system. WordPress is pre-installed on your device with a blank default theme. But you may alter the theme to suit your requirements.

A well-designed WordPress theme makes the website appealing and offers several modification elements that make it simple to alter the theme per your preferences. You may search the internet for several visually appealing themes that include all the premade elements you want for the layout of your website.

How Important are Plugins?

A key component of the WordPress framework is plugins. There are already more than 100,000 plugins available for users to customise the features and functioning of the website. The user can download and instal a slider plugin, for instance, if a theme lacks a slider capability. Plugins are a key component of WordPress themes, and when a user downloads a theme, certain plugins are downloaded and installed automatically. WordPress theme functionality depends heavily on plugins.

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