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About YouTube Embed Code Generator

Embedding YouTube videos on websites, blogs and digital marketing campaigns has become the go-to source of engaging the viewers and passing on messages, promotions and services. To facilitate website owners and digital marketers, we have created the YouTube Embed Code Generator Tool.

The YouTube Embed Code Generator Tool is a FREE online tool that helps you create an embed code for YouTube videos that can be easily embedded onto a website. It functions on a very straightforward principle and can be used by anyone.

Freepion is a provider of digital marketing tools and solutions, has made the YouTube Embed Code Generator as part of their free online suite of services and tools. This tool is beneficial for both webmasters and marketers alike, since it helps save valuable time & money required for formatting, converting, copy and pasting all the necessary code for viewers to then watch the video.

This incredible generator tool allows you to embed YouTube videos in different formats such as IFrame, full width video embed, autoplay embed, embed with Privacy Enhanced Mode (PEM), embed with suggested videos, embed with loop settings and so much more. This easy-to-use tool also supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Vimeo embedding.

The YouTube Embed Code Generator is more than just an embedding tool as it also enables you to customise options as per your preferences. It allows you to adjust the video settings like autoplay function, playing loop settings, start and end time and lots more.

Freepion provides the best digital marketing tools and solutions to aid the marketing professionals and webmasters at the most affordable prices. The YouTube Embed Code Generator Tool is one of the many free online tools provided by Freepion. This free online tool is specially designed to save your time when you have to put videos from YouTube on your website or blog. Therefore, this tool is an ideal choice for those who want to impress viewers with their engaging content and provide them with the maximum time-saving benefits.

How to use YouTube Embed Code Generator Tool?

Using the FreePion YouTube Embed Code Generator tool is easy and simple. The following stages demonstrate how to use this tool for your personal requirements.

  1. Please copy the link to the YouTube video you want to create the embed code.
  2. Paste the URL of the video in the toolbox.
  3. Determine the size of the video. The size will appear after using it. Leave it blank if you do not want to change its size.
  4. Specify the video's start time so that when the video starts, it will start after the time you determine.  Leave blank if you want it to start from the beginning.
  5. Specify the end time of the video so that the video ends after the time you set now.  Leave blank if you want the whole video to be displayed.
  6. Select this tool's options for more control over your YouTube video embed code. See the explanations below for each option.
  7. Once you finish with all the options, click Generate. Once you do that, the tool will generate the embed code and generate a display for the video that will appear when you embed the code.

After using the embed code, you may make adjustments and check the movie again to see how it turned out.

More options the YouTube Embed Code Generator provides

  • You may automatically play the video material repeatedly by choosing the "loop" option.
  • Users may watch a video using the autoplay option without clicking on it. The movie begins playing automatically when a user loads the website.
  • Hide Full-screen Button: This option will prevent the full-screen button from interfering with your movie viewing.
  • Hide player controls: This feature will prevent the player control buttons from interfering with your movie viewing.
  • Hide YouTube logo: Selecting this option will make the YouTube logo disappear from any embedded videos.
  • Improved privacy (only cookie when the user starts video).
  • Responsive (auto-scale to available width) (auto-scale to available width).

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