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Hashtags are metadata which contain a hash (#) sign in front of them. They are most commonly used in microblogging and photo sharing on social media. When someone searches for any hashtag on social media. all the posts, photos, and videos containing that particular hashtag will be returned to the searcher. Nowadays people use these tags for engaging purposes, but these also improve SEO. the hashtag was first used by an American blogger in 2007, but he never patented these tags because he believed they were born for the internet and not owned by anyone. Later various social sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc., started using hashtags. They are also being used for search purposes.

About YouTube Hashtag Extractor

As you know, everybody uses social media because of the availability of the internet all around the world. and all social media users use hashtags for various purposes. But most people use hashtags for searching media on social media channels. These tags also help social media platforms to organise the content. 

With the advancement and digitalization, people are turning to digital marketing and saying goodbye to traditional marketing. As we discussed earlier. everyone uses social media nowadays and people spend most of their time online. Everybody makes thousands of posts on social media and uses hashtags to increase the reach of their posts.

YouTubers also started using hashtags to increase their videos' reach to users. Hashtags also become a factor in SEO and help in improving SEO. Because thousands of people already have ranked their content, and some are trying to rank. In order to rank their content/video people use hashtags, but in most cases, they use the wrong tags for their videos. 

Therefore, we have introduced a YouTube hashtag extractor tool to help YouTubers to find the best-performing hashtags just like metatags. using our YouTube hashtag generator tool you can easily extract hashtags from any video without wasting your time.

What are YouTube Tags?

YouTube allow two types of tags 


Hashtags are most familiar to everybody. these tags contain a hash sign at the start. There should be no space in hashtags and you can use hashtags in the description of your video. 

Meta tags

Meta tags are the YouTube tags/ video tags that are hidden by YouTube and are not visible to everyone. YouTube provide field name tags in which you can put your video tags. You can use tags containing up to 500 characters. We are also providing YouTube tag generator and youtube tag extractor tools for FREE. 

Why are YouTube HashTags important?

As we discussed above, hashtags increase media reach and thus help in SEO. when someone searches any hashtag string the search engine will use all the media containing that particular hashtag. Therefore it also becomes important for youtube creators to use the best hashtags. Your competitors are already using hashtags in their videos. Our hashtag extractor tools help you to extract youtube tags from your competitors' videos.

How to use the youtube hashtag extractor provided by FreePion

To use the youtube hashtag extractor tool simply follow these steps:

Go the the

Enter the video URL of your competitor's video and click the extract button.

our youtube hashtag extractor tool will instantly extract all the hashtags from your desired video. 

After that just click on the hashtag you want to copy, and your clicked hashtags will be added to the list

If you want to extract more hashtags from any other videos, simply repeat the above steps.

finally, click on the copy selected tags to copy your tags. 

After that, you can use these tags on your videos.

youtube hashtag extractor tool

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