YouTube Money Calculator

What is YouTube Revenue Calculator?

Are you successful on YouTube? Do you want to monetize your YouTube channel? Do you want to discover how much your YouTube videos may bring in? This is one of your most important tools if the answer to every one of these is "Yes."

With our new revenue calculator, you can get an idea of how much money you could make with YouTube. The predicted revenues from a YouTube video or channel are determined by considering numerous variables, including video view count and interaction. By accepting sponsorships, establishing affiliate relationships, and selling items, many YouTubers in 2019 can enhance their revenue. This revenue estimator solely takes into account earnings from YouTube-paid advertising.

How to Use the YouTube Revenue Calculator?

Depending on the daily views of your videos, add your views.
Decide on your estimated advertising CTR (Click-through rate) based on the past performance of your channel.
View the likelihood of your predicted daily, weekly, and annual profits.

Basic Overview: How Does YouTube Advertising Work?

On YouTube, advertisers may target various consumers with their advertising campaigns by using the Google Ads platform. Advertisers set their "bids" for certain advertisements or keywords, where a "bid" is the highest CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) they would be prepared to pay for a specific person's view, to manage how much they pay for advertising. Google conducts a real-time auction when someone sees a YouTube video in which they compare bids to decide which advertisers will have their adverts displayed. After an advertisement has been shown, YouTube/Google charges the winning advertisers' accounts for the cost. Finally, Google AdSense distributes a portion of the advertising fee to the YouTuber's AdSense account. Youtubers are frequently paid "Net 30-60," which means that if you earn $1 from advertising on January 1st, AdSense won't deliver you the money until late February. Simply said, all money earned in month one is given out around day 21 of month two.

Top YouTubers and famous people have direct advertising partnerships with the platform. For instance, major corporations like General Motors purchase direct advertising to air on Jimmy Kimmel Live! These offers completely avoid the automatic AdSense system. Because they are completely negotiated, direct deals typically pay more than standard YouTube advertising, which employs a "set" revenue share rate for all ads displayed on a YouTube channel.

What Affects YouTube Revenue?

The amount of views has the most impact on YouTube profits. Your advertising revenue will likely grow by 10 times if your view count doubles. Another significant element is your specialization; videos about contentious subjects typically pay less. Toy openings and product reviews on YouTube typically pay better. Another significant aspect of YouTube monetization is "brand friendliness." Keeping your YouTube channel "family-friendly" or "brand friendly" might boost your earnings.

YouTube Monetization Tiers

Advertisers can pick from 3 "tiers" of content when constructing their ad campaigns. Youtube's more "family-friendly" levels will attract more exclusive and lucrative advertisers. The poorest option, "Expanded inventory," covers almost every YouTube channel. Strong profanity and other risqué subjects are prohibited in "standard inventory". "Limited inventory" is more restrictive than usual, banning anything obscene or violent. Read more on the official Google support website regarding content exclusions. To generate money and maintain your position in the top tier of advertising, read through that post to understand everything you should avoid including in your video content or title.

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