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YouTube video titles are important metadata for which our YouTube video title generator tool can be used. Video titles are a way to tell your viewers about your video. Titles are simply headings of videos. User searches using any keyword, and YouTube match that keyword with video titles. If a video contains that particular keyword in the title, then chances are your video will be displayed to the user. Users also learn about videos by reading the video titles.

About YouTube Title Extractor Tool

YouTube is the second most searched site in the world after google. And the first one in the video search engine. Therefore, digital marketers are trying to get more leads and traffic for their websites or blog. But the problem is the video title. Most people don't know how to use video titles properly, so they can't rank their videos. If the video does not rank, it will never generate traffic for its website or blogs. Some people want to use the titles of their competitors to rank their videos. Therefore. We introduced the YouTube title extractor tool. Now, you don't need to worry about Video titles. You can also use our FREE YouTube video title generator tool. This tool will help you to generate trending video titles for your YouTube videos.


Why is the YouTube Title important?

As YouTube itself told us, "A catchy title helps you to hook your viewers"

The two most important elements must be kept in mind if you want to become a successful video marketer. The first one is Findability and the second one is Clickability


Findability is the first element. Your videos can be found easily by every user. If a user cannot find your video, then he/she will not be watching your videos. This will result in no viewership, and your time and money will go the waste. Findability can be made easy just by using suitable titles for your video and the best possible meta tags for your videos. You might be interested in our YouTube tag extractor tool and YouTube tag generator tool


Suppose your user/audience finds your video. Then it comes to clickability. The user clicked on your video or not. If he/she clicks on your video, you are going well, but if users are not clicking on your videos, there is a problem. You must focus on your title and use the best and most catchy YouTube video titles. To extract titles from your competitors, you must try our youtube title extractor tool. Second, you should improve your video thumbnail. You can also download your competitor's youtube thumbnails using our youtube thumbnail downloader tool

Can YouTube video titles be changed/updated?

Yes, you can always change your youtube video titles. You need to log in to your youtube channel and go to YouTube studio, and from there, your can change your youtube video title.

But the problem is this change may disturb your video ranking. Because youtube will recheck your video based on your title and decide to make a better ranking for your youtube video and vice versa. Thus changing titles can be beneficial and harmful as well. The choice is yours. Always rethink before changing your youtube video title. We will never recommend changing your video titles if your video is performing well.

The quick response is yes (but be mindful of your changes). You may click edit next to any older video in YouTube Studio and change the video's title.

How to use our YouTube title extractor tool

To use the youtube title extractor tool, you need to open the tool (if you have not to open click here)

Then put your competitor's video URL in the tools box and click the extract button.

The YouTube title extractor tool will instantly extract video titles and show them to you.

Then click on copy selected words to copy extracted title.

youtube title extractor tool


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