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ICO is a type of picture file that may store image icons. Microsoft Windows operating systems utilise the ICO file extension to store icon files. Typically, it includes bitmap pictures. Additionally, websites employ ICO files as their favicons. Images with 24 bit colours are supported.


PNG, or Portable Network Graphic format, is a graphic file type that stores raster images using a lossless compression algorithm. It employs two-stage compression techniques. Due to the fact that it only supports the RGB colour model, it is commonly utilised as web site photos rather than for printing. Therefore, CMYK images cannot be saved as PNG files.

PNG files, which were developed in the middle of the 1990s as an improvement over GIF, are seen as the logical replacement for GIF image file formats. Company logos, icons, and other non-photographic image information are typically stored in PNG files. The majority of digital photo material is not fit for the PNG format since saving a digital photo in that format results in a substantially larger file than saving an identical JPG image.

How do ICO files work?

Images in ICO files are pixel-based and have a maximum resolution of 256 x 256, 24-bit colour, and 8-bit transparency. In order for Windows users to connect an image with an application, ICO files provide a handy location to store and scale the images required to display the icons.

How to use the ICO to PNG File Converter Tool

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