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The measurement or size of something from end to end is referred to as its length.

To put it another way, it is the greater of the higher two or three dimensions of a geometric shape or object. For instance, the length and width of a rectangle define its dimensions.

In the International System of Quantities, length is also a quantity with the dimension distance.

Using measuring instruments like a ruler, measuring tape, etc., one may measure the length of any object. A ruler can be used to determine, for instance, how many inches a pencil is long. A foot scale can be used to gauge the height of each student in a class.

Units of Measuring Length

There are several different length units, including inches, centimetres, metres, and feet. Standard units of measuring length and non-standard units of measuring length are the two categories into which the units of measuring length can be divided.

Standard Units

Such pre-defined units are constant from person to person or thing to thing. If two or more persons measure the same object's length using any common measurement, like inches, they will both get at the same conclusion.

The following are some instances of common length units: metres, centimetres, inches, feet, yards, etc.

Non- satndard units

There is no set measurement in numbers for these units. They differ from one person to the next and from one thing to the next. For instance, if a toddler and his father use their handspans to measure the length of a rectangular wall, it is possible that they will come up with different results. This is due to the fact that a child's handspan is typically shorter than an adult's.

Handspan, foot span, finger breadth, pace, cubit, a thread or rope, etc. are a few non-standard length units.

Length Unit Conversions 

The metric system uses the terms kilometres (km), metres (m), decimeters (dm), centimetres (cm), and millimetres (mm) to describe length or distance (mm). Unit conversions from km to m, m to cm, cm to mm, and so forth are possible.

Using our online Length converter, you can easily convert one unit into another unit of length. Below is a list of units that can be converted into each other by using our online Length Converter Tool.

  1. meter,
  2. kilometer,
  3. centimeter,
  4. milimeter,
  5. micrometer,
  6. nanometer,
  7. miles,
  8. yards,
  9. foot,
  10. Inch and
  11. light year

How Online Length Converter works?

Enter the value of length, then select unit from which you want to convert, then press the button of Calculate. You will get the results like shown below;

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