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Why rotate an image?

On occasion, photographs published online or on your computer will appear upside-down or sideways. The easiest technique to prevent an improper orientation is to hold the camera in the proper position when taking a picture. However, if you open the image in software that disregards the orientation metadata, that might not be sufficient.

The default orientation of a photo depends on the camera or smartphone that took it. The sensor that determines the position of the camera is used by the majority of devices to save the orientation metadata. Unfortunately, because the orientation tag is ignored in some programmes, photographs will appear incorrectly. In this instance, you can physically spin the image 90 degrees left or right to switch from portrait to landscape mode, or vice versa. Surprisingly, because the internal pixel data of rotated images will remain intact, the quality of the images shouldn't suffer.

How is an image rotated?

  • Upload the picture file to  Freepion's website to rotate an image online.
  • The image can then be rotated in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.
  • Use the selected choice, then click Download to acquire the rotated image


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