Text to Slug

All we know that Optimization of Slug is important for better SEO. But what is this slug? Slug is actually a part of URL that describes the page's  content and exactly identified the specific page the URL points to.  Good slug can positively improve your SEO. Slug is last part of the URL after backslash. e.g., https://freepion.com/web-tools/en/frequency-converter, in this url the last part frequency-converter is slug. 

I hpe you have now better understanding about Slug URL.

Text to Slug Converter

This  is an online, free and easy to use tool for converting text into readable slugs than can positively affect your SEO. For using this tool, you have to follow only two simple steps;

  • Paste or enter text into the empty field
  • Then, click on convert button below the field.

This tool will convert your text into readable slug that you can easily copy and use. 




Noor Muhammad

CEO / Co-Founder

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